Where to start?

I just recently found this fourm and have been reading quite a bit. I haven't upgraded my system for a while, but I'm starting to think about a new CD player. My system now consists of a Marantz SR7400 reciever, Pioneer Elite DV-FO7(cd/dvd changer) and a pair of Paradigm studio 60 V3. Cables are auioquest digital(unsure of model)

The system as it is now is mainly used for listenting to cds, therfore I was wondering how much of a improvement a stand alone cd player would make. I listen to a wide variety of music if this makes a difference.

One other question when making connections do you get a better sound with analog or digital interconect.

Thanks for your help,
If you use digital interconnect you are using your recievers internal DAC, analog and you are using your CDP DAC, digital interconnect is used with external DACs aswell
you also need to state your budget and goals to get informed opinions...good luck.
Budget right now would be ~1k. I originaly bought the changer because it was easy to house all the cds. I find myself taking them out to play in and car and computer and not putting them back in the changer. Therefore the changer is not really serving its purpose anymore.

I was thinking of keeping it as a dvd player and adding a new CDP if I might be able to achive a better "sound" that what I'm recieving with the pioneer
The real question is where to stop.

Congratulations and welcome to the club!

Before too long you will realize how truly wise Rwwear's words are, heheh. For us respondants, it's already way too late!

Is there a specific area "sound wise" you'd like to improve? What do you feel is lacking? Answering this will help people to offer suggestions.

Also, I'm a little confused on your use of the terms digital and analog interconnects, because it seems you're thinking they're interchangeable when they really have different intended uses. Correct me if I'm wrong.

As Chadnliz suggests, if you're using a digital interconnect between your changer and Marantz it should only be a single cable and then you'd actually be using the DAC in your receiver and not the one in your CDP. On the other hand, if your using an analog interconnect pair that would mean they're connected to the analog outs of the changer to the receiver and in that case you'd be using the DAC in the CD changer.

To be honest, in your case I wouldn't know which DAC is the better one, the Marantz or the Pioneer. I might guess Pioneer. Before you go out and start buying new equipment you might want to try the different hook ups between your changer and receiver to see which you prefer.

Good luck!
You'll get a nice performance upgrade by sticking an Arcam FMJ 23 into your system. They can be had for $700 to $800 and easily rival new players three times that price.