Where to spend some money?

Would welcome anyone's thoughts on how to spend some money to step up the quality of my vinyl playback. This is by no means a mega buck system, but here is what I have; Rega P-2 with RB-250 and Exact cartridge. I Have installed the Incognito rewire set, machined sub-platter, and an Iron Audio thick acrylic platter. I clean my vinyl with a Nitty Gritty and a carbon brush. The preamp is a Hagerman Cornet and the interconnects are PBJ's. This is fed into a Rotel RB1080 200wpc amp and out to Paradigm Monitor 11 towers. I use the preamp section of a Rotel RX1065 receiver to control processing functions. It does sound pretty good in my opinion, but I know there is more to be had

Where would around $1500.00 to $2000.00 best be spent?

Thanks for your time.
Look at the Portal Panache integrated to replace the Rotel pieces.
Put in a tubed pre-x the rotel receiver. Modwright or TAD 150 signature. Modwright going for $1500 used-TADs, if you can find one $800 used give or take? TAD has phono (SS) but you don't need it, still it is a dang fine pre. Your Cornet is probably better there, at least different. If you find a TAD and pair it with a used Mc DNA-125 or CJ MF2250, you will be amazed and in budget. You would not go wrong with either the TAD or Modwright pre. IMHO if you want to get the best out of the Coronet and your TT you need to run it through a good tubed pre. I am sure there are other good choices in a tubed pre. Another consideration/direction might be Blue Circle's integrated, NSCS I think. Not tubed but sweet none the less.
Speakers. Monitor 11s are quite decent, but if you want to actually hear an upgrade then that's where you can likely get your biggest bump up. Changing your electronics just will not yield as big a change nor improvement as speakers can. There are numerous threads on speaker recommendations here that you can scan for specific starting places and suggestions - I'd just suggest that you go listen for yourself and see what you think sounds that much better for that price (and yes, you will be able to hear it...)
I second the speakers recommendation. No contest. Grab a pair of Gallo Refs here on Agon for $1600-2000, the improvement you hear will be astonishing.

Hoopster I believe the Hagerman is a tube pre. It appears to be a nice unit as well. I'd suggest getting an integrated tube amp to replace your Rotel receiver and power amp. Something along the lines of a Primaluna Prologue. This would leave plenty of money for a cartridge upgrade(Dynavector, Sumkiko, etc.) or a mint pair of Klipsch Cornwall speakers which will be more efficient than your Paradigms. You would be losing 160 watts per channel.
I might go in a different direction from the other posters. Your P2 is a fine starter turntable, but you could do a lot better for $1500-$2000, particularly if you're willing to buy vintage. I'd bet that you'd get far more musicality from a replacement table. I'd look at Thorens or Garrard.

Why not a pair of Studio/100's. Best bang for your budget!
Well, if we're considering DIY/restorations, try something at least as good as a Garrard or Thorens, likely better than any belt-drive regardless of price, and cheaper than either Thorens or Garrard: go Lenco, of course! Easier to fix up and improve than either Garrard and Thorens too. Mount your Rega tonearm and cartridge to it (even in original plinth with no mods except replacing the tonearm). With the money you save over the more "accepted" and hence expensive Garrard and Thorens, buy a better preamp known for a decent phono stage, like, perhaps, the NAD to start, or even better than that. That said, your 'table is decent, the weakest link is otherwise the preamp. A good phono stage goes a loooonnngggg way! Merry Christmas!
Thanks to all for your advice, much appreciated.

I wish I had $10,000.00 to spend now :)

Regarding the Studio 100's. Are they definatley a cut above the monitors?
They are the top of the line, which all others derive their attributes from as well as try to emulate. Just look at the lineup http://www.paradigm.com/Website/SiteReferenceProduct/RModels/StudioSeries/StudioSpecs.html Speakers are always a huge upgrade.