Where to shop for music?

I have been frustrated recently with the demise of a favored source for researching and purchasing music on the web. I would welcome the suggestions of others about proven sources with excellent search engine capabilities, thorough inventory of all types of music, and reasonably low prices (including the S&H charges!).

Any good experiences to relate?
For current new or recent recordings amazon.com is probably as good as any online retailer. If you are looking for new audiophile recordings or audiophile reissues try The Elusive Disc (www.elusivedisc.com) or Acoustic Sounds (www.acousticsounds.com) both have an outstanding selection as well as a good inventory of rare and out of print used recordings. There are several others that advertise in magazines such as Stereophile and The Absolute Sound. Good Luck, Doug
Amazon has links with other sellers of used copies of recordings if available. If you are looking for a rare item or an need to get a import not released in the US try cdchoice.com
ebay.com & half.com are great !
When I'm looking for details of a certain album, cdnow.com rarely fails. Take the 'cd' part to heart, few records.
I suggest checking out www.pitchforkmedia.com for reviews and information. They will have links to Insound, an online cd and record seller. They have a lot of stuff others do not, including a respectable inventory of vinyl. I have found their prices to be reasonable, as are their s/h charges.
the Elusive Disc http://www.elusivedisc.com/

Acoustic Sounds http://www.acousticsounds.com/

Music Direct http://www.amusicdirect.com/

CD Now http://www.cdnow.com/

The first three cater to audiophile recordings. CD Now has few LPs, but has just about everything on CD title (non-audiophile and esoteric stuff). They have a very good classical search engine as well.
If you can't find what you want at any of the sites mentioned above, try www.gemm.com
Try www.hmv.com there are from Canada.
shipping is free(when you buy 4 or more)
price is very good also
I just had a good experience with Djangos, and would recommend them. What first attracted me was their prices, and a current free shipping promotion. They got my order to me with blinding speed, and they sell both new and used CD's. I bought jazz vocalists, but they seem to have just about everything.
CDconnection.com is one more source I've used.
I've been using CDConnection for more than 10 years (used to dial up pre-web). Very clean interface, pretty quick shipping, decent prices, excellent inventory.
I've found www.chaosmusic.com brilliant mostly CD's but heaps of Vinyl on there as well.
Tower Records currently has a sale on ALL their jazz and rock inventory of mid-price CDs. I grabbed a bunch of $12.99 discs for $7.99, inc. newest remasters of Kind of Blue, Saxophone Colossus. All Naxos were $5, $8 for double (Messiaen's Thuragalila is great!). Considering all the time I've spent hunting on the web it was a breath of fresh air to enjoy bricks 'n mortar with Gen Y types.