Where to send amp to get a power cord update

Any suggestions where to send a power amp to get a IEC power cord update. Last time I checked with CJ they don't do this type of update. I would like to be able to change out power cords and there are other pieces I would like to update if not to expensive. thanks
I'm sure that Jon Soderberg could do this. Link is below:

Looking for somewhere on the east coast if possible. Thanks though.
Have not done any business with them...but you might try to contact them.

Great Northern Sound Company can fix you right up. The owner Steve is a great guy to talk to and does super quality work.
Springfield, Virginia

Bill Thalmann is the former chief CJ technician.
I second Music Technology -if they offer that service.
Bill Thalmann did excellent work in upgrading an already exceptional quality dual mono preamp for me.