Where to sell Electro Voice SXA100+120V 12in speakers

Hi!  I'm new here and I think my speakers may not be expensive enough for this site.  Would anyone know what sites, other than craigslist and ebay, would be a good match?  They are normally $750 each, and I'm looking for $500 each.  They've only been used one hour total.  They are brand new. If anyone has any info, I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you so much!
Why do you think they are not expensive enough to list here? I have sold many speakers on this site for a lot less than that. Where else can you get a 30 day listing for a mere $4.00 charge and a small final sale charge ?  I have never listed any item on AudiogoN that did not sell! BTW,I have heard about  many horror stories about CL to even consider listing there!
Actually the two outlets you've mentioned would be best for powered, professional sound reinforcement speakers.    Live music venues,   Churches and musicians/bands would be your most likely customers.
Thank you for your response, Yogiboy.  I went ahead and listed them here.  If you know anyone interested in them, please let me know. :)  They're great speakers and I just can't lift them by myself.  And hope to sell them quickly.  Thank you again for your help!
I just took a look at your listing. You should change the ad to read, "price per pair."  Not "just the price per speaker." No one buys one speaker,they are sold in pairs! Good luck!
Thanks yogiboy.  I appreciate your help.  Any other advice to sell them?  I've already taken off 40% of the price.  Thank you again.