Where to repair power amplifier in San Francisco

My friend has a Jeff Rowland M7 power amplifier so far with power on problem. Since it is an old heavy amplifier, it is very expensive to send back to manufactor repair. So he is wondering if anyone know good expert engineer to repair power amplifier in North California area or San Francisco?

Thanks for sharing.
I don't know if Campbell, CA (south bay) is in your range. Nick Gowen, True Sound, is one on the best tech's in the Bay Area. Also, you might ask John Curl, Vendetta Research, if he knows of a repair good tech for SS. Come to think of it Scott Franklin, Wavestream, is another contact for possible trouble shooting/repair tech help. Good luck, let us all know.
don't skimp, send it to Rowland. I have a Model 1 which I tried to have a local tech person who advertises in Craigslist and has a Phd in E.E. Well, after 40 days, he broke some relays, couldn't fix it. I ended up sending it to Rowland who fixed it in 1 week and what the local guy did ended up costing me extra labor costs at Rowland.

Also, not sure about your amp, but the Modules usually go out and cannot be fixed, just replaced. My Model 1 rt module went out, they just swapped in the module which saved on labor costs.
I've heard good things about L&M in Daly City.

I ship my tube gear to Scott Frankland in San Jose. He is one of two people that I trust enough to repair my gear. He is the most professional and thorough individual I have encountered.
If you would like Scott's contact info let me know.