Where to put new Dream State Veridical cable

Hi. I'm getting a Veridical Dream Dream State power cable and I am wondering where best to try it in my system. The cable is meant for source components so it's between my preamp, dac, transport or perhaps my Taurus MK2 headphone amp which the cable might work on. Please check out my system and advise.Thank you.
Link to my system on my sig or http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?vdone&1176770973&read&keyw&zzdream=state
I'd try the power cord in the following order, although I don't believe there is any 100% correct answer.
Use it wherever you hear the greatest improvement.
You bought a power cord that costs over $2000 without listening to it first? lol. Hopefully, it will be an improvement over one of your stock cords.
Hi Zd542, I upgraded from my stock cables in 2001 and have slowed down over the years. The Dream State Veridical is a cable which I've heard before in 2005 in my system but since I've redone all of my cabling. I always regretted selling my Veridical power cable at the time so when I had a chance to pick one up at a good price I jumped on it.Power cables are like tone controls and what might work well in one system might not work well in other systems. All that said I purchased the cable to experiment with and have a spare. I'll probably put the Veridical on either my transport , dac or preamp.
I agree with Lak's recommeded trial order.

FWIW, I have bought many $2K+ cables/cords sound unheard. That is what the Audiogon buy n' try method is all about. If it works, keep it, if it doesn't sell and move on. I still lose less money in the long run than buying from a dealer.
Besides, even if you are listening in a dealers showroom, there is no guarantee that it will sound the same in your room/system. Cables and cords are very system dependent. The ONLY way to audition is in your own system.

Also, as Mitch has referred to, as you change gear, many times this warrants changes in cables and cords too. I've tried DSA cords a few times, as I tend to have a love/hate relationship with them. I love the midrange, it's beautiful, but the bass always seems too overblown for me. It seems to detract attention from the midrange and call attention to itself.
Believe it or not every peace of my system I have bought off of audiogon unheard. Most of the time it works out. Only like 2 times I ended up with something I could not use. I just resold those two things