Where to put my Shakti stone?

Hi guys, I just bought a Shakti stone to try. I haven't gotten it yet, but wanted to seek advice on where best to put it. My set-up includes the Simaudio I-7, SuperNova, and Focal 1027; with Transparent Reference level cables, and Shunyata Python level power cords and Hydra 4. All components are supported by Symposium products.
On pre and power amps, if you know the location of the power transformer, then use that as the starting point for placement of SHAKTI. On other components such as CD players, begin with the approximate center of the chassis. Continue to A/B for the optimum placement by moving SHAKTI to different points on the chassis, noting where maximum benefits are obtained.
I am tempted to tell you :-)
Anywhere along your kundalini will work, but I recommend the Anja Chakra (for best bass extension) or the Vishuddha Chakra (for greater attack). If neither of those work, you should probably put it in the garbage.
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I would use it to weigh down loose papers on your desk, works great for that.
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Ya gotta admit, the way the question is worded it just begs for it.
I am gonna have a Kidney Stone Cryo treated and I will report my findings when it passes.
I place the amplifier stone over the transformer, and the cd player stone over the cd drawer.

I hear a difference, I wonder how many or the previous posters have had the chance to try them out? IMHO they may be missing something.
Just what I needed for an afternoon laugh...an AG classic thread.
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At one time I had 18 of them. Now I have none. There is little question that you can hear their impact. If I carefully avoided all signal wires and focused on transformers, I could hear some improvement in signal to noise. If I got anywhere near the signal, however, they robbed the dynamics from the music, much like most ac filters do. I sold most long ago and must have sold the few remaining about a year ago when I found them in a box.

I suspect that a revealing system is harmed by them. Someone has recently said that they include quartz. Perhaps they do, but they do not sound like it.