where to plug in the dac and transport

I use the emmlabs dcc2 preamp/dac and emmlabs cdsd transport. Currently, I am plugging them into their own 2 socket outlet but its not dedicated. I have a dedicated 20 amp four socket outlet for my two mono amps.

Is there a consensus that its better not to have the preamp/dac and cd transport on the same dedicated line as the amp? Or is it better to get the preamp and transport away from a non-dedicated line.

Is there another way like having the preamp/dac on the dedicated amp line and not the transport or vice versa

I don't think my townhouse has enough lines for me to put a dedicated line for the preamp and transport.

With such good equipment you got, it probably doesn't matter. Does it sound good now?
Here's what I did with only a single 20A dedicated circuit available in my apartment:

I plugged an ExactPower EP 15A regenerator into the 20A circuit using a Purist Dominus power cord. The EP is rated at 1300W. My system, including the Levinson 200W/ch 23.5 only draws 450W at full tilt.

Into the EP I plugged both electrostats, the sub and the power amp, AND a long 10 AWG PC that feeds (near the front end stuff) an ExactPower SP 15A balanced power unit. The SP feeds all the front end stuff. It has 8 separately balanced outlets, with four of them digitally filtered. You can plug your DAC, CDT, DVD or any equipment which can radiate digital hash into the air (RFI) or the power lines into those outlets and they'll drain off any digital noise coming from the digital components (you can also plug regular components into those outlets if need be).

In my old house, I had 3 dedicated 20A circuits, and no power regenerator or balanced power devices. The system sounded great that way. Now it sounds even better, with a lower noise floor and no more digital noise leaking into certain FM broadcasts.

So I highly recommend this approach when you can't create multiple dedicated circuits. Check out their very informative website: http://www.exactpower.com/
I agree with Nsgarch that a good AC power regenerator is a good way to go. Here is a link to another company that makes some very intriguing units: http://www.audiophileaps.com/

Right now, I have my DAC and transport plugged into Monarchy Audio's AC Regenerator and the results are impressive. But the Monarchy Audio unit outputs only 100 watts. It's price is $750 and it is very effective at supplying pure power for low-power source components.
It has been my understanding that digital and analog components should not be plugged into the same circuit . As such, I have one dedicated line for analog ie. amp/pre amp and another line for digital ie. CDP/DVD player .
Saki, your information is correct. Another way to do it is to use one of the newer power conditiong or power regenerating devices which provide 2 or more digitally filtered outlets. So far, I've not seen any single purpose digital filters that you can inset between your AC plug and the wall outlet, but maybe someone else here has??