where to look,explanation of tube amps, i know

hi, i am looking for an information base on tube amps. i know nothing about them, triode,diode,set,push pull etc...where might i find an overview of such things?
The RCA Receiving Tube Manuals were published yearly until the 1970s. They clearly set forth the operational theory of valves as well as going into basic circuit applications. Read this book and you will know more than most of the so called "experts" on the subject. The manuals are quite common and can be sourced on e-bay.
Someone else had me start at www.sonicfrontiers.com They have 2 really awesome articles on the history of tubes on their site. These are great reading. After that, pick up a copy of N. Crowhurst's amp design book-he wrote several (usually on ebay). Finally, try www.tubesandmore.com-they have quite a few high quality books for sale. This is the route I took and it was great.
After that, pick up an old fisher, scott, pilot or similar tube integrated amp at a garage sale and play recklessly for a few months. Roll cheap tubes and clean it up. You can always resell these even if you trash them.
thanks guys. that helps a bunch!
If you want to learn about tube circuitry, this should help, even at a discount price : ) Sean
I haven't read it, but have been meaning to buy it. It's the "Tube Substitution Handbook", and you can get it for 23.95 at http://www.amusicdirect.com