Where to listen hi end systems in Manhattan?

Hello guys
I will be on september a few days in Manhattan. 
I dont have the chance to listen to hi end systems at home (Argentina) , so I would LOVE to have the opportunity to listen to at least one good system on my visit there.
I wont be buying anything, just visiting.
Any suggestion? Any store or place recomended? 
Thank you! 

By the way. There is a Harman Store, wich also has some high end brands like JBL and Mark Levinson, but I guess it must be like an improved Best Buy.

Have you been there? 
+1 @millercarbon LOL

I will check on Mikey Fremer, thanks 
One hour east of Manhattan by train in Masapequa NY. 
We will pick you up at the station                                           
My dealer Sound Insight    https://youtu.be/T8AHssbAvaY
Contact info on my web site www.gtaudioworks.com
Go hear others first then come over to hear how its done.
Hello Greg
Thank you for the invitation!
I will try my best to be there and listen to your gear, Im sure it sounds amazing. 
I will contact you latter on. 
Kind regards 
We would also welcome you Plga, our shop Audio Doctor in nearby Jersey City has the largest collection of audio/video gear in the tristate area.

We have most of the major brands available:

Loudspeakers: KEF, Dali, PSB, Paradigm, Elac, ATC, Quad, Legacy, Golden Ear plus more

Electronics: Naim, Rega, Peachtree, Nad, Micromega, Nuprime, Audio Control,Manly Labs, Parasound, Anthem, CJ, Cary, Sythesis, Unison Research, T+A, Electrcomaniet.

Digital: Mytek, Lumin, Naim, T+A, Innous, Baetis, Ifi and more.

We have over 60 lines of gear www.audiodoctor.com/wp

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ