Where to learn the terminology?

Not sure if this isthe right place to post this question.

I'm a new member. Recently acquired what appears to be a nice system almost by accident (described in another thread here). I appreciate high quality sound but would not qualify as an audiophile. But I at least want to learn to appreciate what this new (old) system has to offer and I am wondering if there is a glossary or an introduction or a link or a book about audio that gives descriptions to the terms that audiophiles use to describe sound quality. The phrase 'sound stage' comes to mind. There are many others that I've heard but can't remember. It seems to me that learning about these will help me appreciate the system more but also to be able to communicate about what I like and don't like or need to fix, etc. Even a list of terms that I need to know would be helpful. I can Google them. Thanks for any assistance.


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