Where to invest

I am going to post this on the amp page and the speaker page.
I have Merlin VSM MME with upgraded BAM powered by a modified Jolida 502.
It is birthday present time.
Should I invest the money in upgrading the amp-?Rogue cronus magnum or sending the speakers back to Bobby to upgrade to the latest version of the speakers?
I've never heard your amp but I would GUESS that upgrades there would be more bang for buck than the speaker upgrades. I had the speakers upgraded to lead-free MME and they are worthwhile but they are evolutionary, not revolutionary. What would your total budget (cash on hand plus realistic amp sales value) be?
I figure about 1-2K net.
I am thinking about $6-700 for my amp, and then add $1000-1500

You're spending the money...not investing it. Any money spent in audio is gone forever. It may be money well spent, but never an investmaent. Every 20 years or so a product comes along that will sell for more that its purchase price...in 20 years or more.
This is certainly not a financial investment, but an investment in my audio system. That will give me a net gain in pleasure. I am trying to figure out what will give me the biggest return in pleasure.
You are right, financially it is a losing proposition, but that is not what life is about.
Sorry if the question seemed as if I felt otherwise.
I guess that looking at the title, you might get that impression.
No BS talk around the subject here. Invest your money in the amp you will likely hear a bigger difference than upgrading the speaskers (sorry Bobby) for that kind of money. While you are enjoying your new amp keep an eye out for upgraded Merlins. You may be able to sell yours and buy those with less loss of cash.
.....You're spending the money...not investing it. Any money spent in audio is gone forever.....

I have gone through 5 pairs of speakers over the last decade, and never lost a penny on resale. Same is true for a host of other gear. Of course, you will depreciate on the latest greatest digital stuff, but all things analog can be owned virtually free. So, while "investing money in audio" it is not quite, for me the appropriate term would be to "tie up money in audio".
Whatever gave you the idea buying stereo equipment is an investment?
Come to think of it. It is an investment in mental and emotional health.
Edorr...I'll have to agree with you. It pays mental and emotional dividends so well that some of us 'reinvest' every five years or so.