Where to have interconnects reterminated in Phoenix

I have a few pairs of audioquest interconnects that have gotten lose and need reterminated, anyone know who fixes those in the Phoenix area
Don't do it, they will fly away, burn up in the atmosphere, turn to ashes, then be no more.

Sorry in advance, it came to mind as soon as I saw the word Phoenix.
Call Arizona HiFi ask for Bill
Audioquest will do this for you. Not cheap, depending on what AQ. interconnects you have. Usually around $40 per end or $160 a pair. A dealer may be able to do this for you, but getting it done right is another thing. Your call.....
Do send them to AQ -- anything else will substantially reduce the resale value of the set. AQ do quick and excellent work and any local AQ dealer can handle the transaction for you. I have had AQ change four sets of cables from balanced to single ended, two power cords from 20A to 15A and also had them split a 12M length into three sets (8/2/2) -- all for very reasonable fees and done promptly