Where to have Focal speakers worked on?

I have a pair of Focal 918s. I would like to have a tech look at them due to tweeter problems. They seem to be punctured or cracked. Does anyone have a number or source to contact for service?

Has anyone else had this problem?
Any ideas as far as tweeter replacement or upgrade options?
Why not just take out the tweeter, look at the model number on the back of the magnet, and just order a new one from Madisound or one of the other raw speaker distributors. Probably cheaper than ordering through a dealer.
audio plus services is us importer. I bought replacement tweeters from them
Did you buy Focal tweeters? I emailed them so I will see if they respond.
I am not really sure how to go about taking out the tweeters on the Focals. I guess remove the driver and work from the inside?
my last post was a little vague... I emailed Audio plus services.
About two years ago I have damaged the tweeter of one of my Micro Be speakers while moving. I have called Focal in France and they directed me to the Belgium importer. They have repaired my speaker very quickly (around two weeks) but I have paid dearly (6-7 hundred euros). In the end I was happy I could repair my MicroBes as they were already discontinued back then.

Good luck!
Audio plus emailed me back. They said that the replacement tweeters were in stock for 175.00. Sounds pretty good to me.
anyone know how to remove the tweeters from the speaker cabinet on 918
Call Audio Plus? A lot of distributors are pretty good about that stuff. Many would rather help you out in this regard than have you hassle with packing, shipping, waiting several weeks to get it back, and so on. If its just a simple swap out, I can't imagine them not talking you through it over the phone. Stranger things have happened though.
I was able to speak to Audio Plus today. They were very polite and helpful, even explaining to me how to swap the tweeters out. Just for kicks I asked about the beryllium tweeter prices. 800 apiece & 1500 for utopia. I think I will stick with my 175.00 profile tweeters.
Thanks for the advice to contact audio plus.