where to go to find these speakers of choice????

hi,would very much like to buy some Vandersteen 5a's.way to much new,sooo where do you look foe used ones????do you check with all the dealers in US???? would this be fruitful???? thks
Some Vandersteen dealer might sell used models - sometimes they take trade ins or sell for customers on consignment. And this sight, audiogon, usually has some 5As listed.
Audio Connection, a high-end dealer in New Jersey owned by John Rutan, is one of the largest Vandy dealers in the country. I suggest you contact him to see if he has any used 5A's, or expects to have a pair on consignment in the near future.
thks for that guys.Sdcampbell,i have their # and will ring them for sure.
Make sure you ask John to demo his 5A's. They are paired with the new ARC Ref gear.....Incredible!
Another big vote for John at Audio Connection if you want Vandersteens. He's probably the most knowledgeable Vandersteen dealer in the country and a real nice guy who spins great music.
i talked to JR and he has no used or discounted 5's.he wished me luck finding a set though.he wasn't sure my little VAC 30/30 could drive the 5's.i may need an amp too????