Where to go from Rogue M-150 amps?

I'm curious the hear the responses and opinions on this question. What would a be a good upgrade from the M-150s. I'm not really interested in the factory upgrade to the M-180. I'm currently using my 150s with the Perseus preamp and Vandersteen speakers. Overall, I'm very pleased with them. Great bass authority and control. The mid are good, but could be a little more fleshed out and intimate IMO. The highs and detail is there; however, more air on the top end would be a plus. I'd like to stay tube, but will consider SS. Monoblocks are desired but not an absolute must. The amps must work well with Vandersteens as they are my speaker of choice followed by Magnepan; but I will probably stay with the Vandersteen line for a while.

I use 2 Ayre V-5's on my Vandersteen's. The Rogue's are great but even 1 V-5 would be a big step up.
Do you have a price range and power requirement that you are looking for?
The M-150s have a retail of $5K. So, I would be looking for something in the $6K to $10K MSRP range.

As for power I would like 50 watts or greater. I have a small listening room; however, Vandersteens like watts.
"The M-150s have a retail of $5K. So, I would be looking for something in the $6K to $10K MSRP range."

Why would that even matter? Spend more just for the sake of spending more? I won't tell you what to do, but I highly recommend picking a new amp based on sound quality and not price. If you don't, you'll fail.
Is there a reason besides logistics that you don't want to do the Rogue upgrade? I think that would be the most cost-effective way to go. That and replacing the power tubes with KT-120s, which will give you more extension both on top and bottom. But if you don't have a dealer to go through, I can see why it might not be an attractive option.

I'd also suggest trying different 12ax7s to get a midrange more to your liking.
Even though you mention that the move from the 150 to 180's does not really interest you, it may be a great option for you. That, along with some tube upgrades, would very likely bring you what you are looking for.

A pair of Rogue Apollos would most likely do the trick also.

Or, if you are really wanting a change in sound, then something like a pair of Cary 805's. These would certainly bring you the "fleshed out and intimate" mids.

***Cary and Rogue Dealer Disclaimer***
Maybe some nice solid state is the way to go. Everyone needs to go through the paces. I'm close to ready to ditch tubes. I know I might go back to tubes down the road but that's okay by me. I'm a firm believer in change and sometimes tube swapping doesn't satisfy the soul. It's expensive and tiring, especially if your intension is to enjoy music and not tweaking. It might take a little more due diligence, but it might be a nice break for you.

Sorry I can't give you any advice on gear. I'm in your boat and possibly sailing towards Hegel or even Marantz, although I've yet to hear the Marantz.
Check out Quicksilver!
I own m180s and every time I try solid state I might gain some overall controll and the ability to play louder but lose the 3d imaging and body that make my system sound more like real music to my ears, so I would bet if you don't want to upgrade your amps you will be looking at other tube amps
The last pair of amps I owned were Quicksilver Mini-Mite Monos. I sold them before the Vandersteens. They were good, with a very traditional tube sound. The mids were the strongest point. However the M-150 are much better.

I've been considering the following:
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I'm not interesting in the 180 upgrade because shipping these things is a giant pain. I do not want to move them until they are being shipped to a new owner or going in as a trade at one of the local hifi shops.
My vote from your list would be ARC they are fantastic sounding amps
I had a VT-100. Its very good but comes up short compared to a V-5. The ARC has a bit of an electronic sound to it in the upper frequencies. I didn't notice it with my ProAc's but you would definately hear it on the Vandersteen.

Also, someone else mentioned imaging and SS. I have now, and in the past, owned some very good ss and tube amps and nothing compares to the Ayre V-5 with imaging. The closest is my VAC 30/30. Its very good but as good as the Ayre.

Another poster mentioned Quicksilver. If you stay with tubes, you would have a tough time beating a pair of V-4's. I wouldn't hesitate to buy them for myself. The only problem is that they are big too.
After auditioning M-180s I settled on a pair of Carver 180s (230 watts). I didn't have the opportunity to compare them side by side. Even though there are a few things that seemed to stand out I don't trust my acoustical memory at all, sorry. I can say they do run much cooler.

The trick is finding a pair made by the original manufacturing team. They have gobs of power and come with a two ohm tape for your Maggies. They don't come with fancy casework but they look very well made on the inside.

How can you compare Quicksilver 25 watt amps with the bigger Rogue? Take a look at the big Quicksilvers!
Go to M-151
Kiza - Thanks for the wise guy reply.
If you can find a used pair of Atma-Sphere MA-1s they might be in your budget and they certainly work quite well with Vandersteens. Most Vandersteens are tube-friendly. Which Vandersteens are you using?
Techguy0192 ;
How do the Rogues better the Quicksilvers ?
"07-15-13: Saki70
Techguy0192 ;
How do the Rogues better the Quicksilvers ?"

What model Quicksilver's? More than 1 has come up here.
I was referring to your mini mite monos .

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