Where to go from Odyseey Stratos monoblocks

I own a Meridian 508-20, a VK3i pre, and Mirage M3 speakers. The stratos monos have been realy nice, BUT I amlooking for: more power, greater refinement, more dynamic sound. I like the musicality of the cdp & pre I have and the range of the speakers. I simply want MORE of these things and a little more dynamics as the Mirages can be a load for an amp. I am considering Krell, Plinius, Pass, and Levinson. Any advise from previos owners would help. Thanks
I'm going to give you some advice for an amp for your speakers, I don't post on amp choices much as I do not find amps to be as important (I know,I'll catch hell for this one) as pre-amp,cdp,TT or speakers. Every system, and I have had many, have sounded good as long as the amp could do the job that it needed to do for that system. I love the Mirage M3's and I like them better than their bigger brothers (M-1's). I have a Krell Ksa-250 I bought, and I bought it for one reason only (To do it's job} with my VMPS Super Tower/R's (220 lb. multi-driver speakers that LOVE power and control) Don't listen to the Krell bashers, this amp is one of the best sounding amps ever made and will go over 2000 watts @ 1 ohm. You can find them used for around $2500 on the www. It was made for your speakers and mine.
You might consider a McCormack DNA-2 Rev A. If you are not familiar with this amp, check out smcaudio.com.

You also might try the stratos mono signatures. supposedly much better sound much more refinement.
talk to klaus about the extreme mono upgrade.i got mine about a month ago, they replaced a 350wpc amp(carver pm- 350)they have more bass and a lot more oomph-but still have great detail.or have klause set you up with symphonic amps.
Try the PS Audio HCA-2. No more powerful, at least on paper, but definately more refined, resolving, dynamic, much more harmonically rich, esquisitly detailed yet smooth and offering a bigger soundstage, overall simply more exciting and fun to listen to. You could even try biamping with 2 of them, and definately use a Lab II pc with them as well, saddly, it's not optional....