Where to go from here?

Once we discover a particular product in a brand it's always tempting to move up the food chain from entry level to mid or upper level product within the Brand. The first challenge is with the Wilson line - I've had a taste of the entry-level speakers with the Cub II's... so what's next? Should I find an older model or work on a current one. ie., Watt Puppy or Sophia II's? Sophia I's Maybe. In the past I've used the budget method ... wait for an Audiogon listing within my budget. But, the improvement and the resale value was almost a side ways move rather than a move up. Keep in mind there are no dealers within nearly 200 miles and I like flipping gear, so auditions are not required. Your opinion matters ... like phoning a friend ... the crowd mentality has merit.

So Wilson Cub II's to ??????
McIntosh MA6500 Integrated to ?????? SS is fine / Tubes are a problem with Kids visiting.
Right to a local club to hear some live music. Perhaps it will be the pallative to the rapid changes in your rig.
Having have own Cubs I can say I thought the same thing. Unless you have a room big enough to support a true full range speaker I would stay with the Cubs and upgrade source and cables first. If you want to goto a larger speaker the Sophia's are the step to go and stop ...
What is you budget??
Thanks for the early responses. The next level should be under 6,000.00.

Also Room to spare. Open irregular space with high ceilings. A very live room which will remain that way with hardwood floors. I have the Cubs mated with Voce Divina Contrabasso subs and it's a beautiful marriage - but I would prefer a pair of single full range speaker next.
I think the Sophia 1 is the choice rather than the older Watt Puppies, WP 6 excluded. I'm partial to the blue ones(they're probably newer) on the Gon now. Your budget method comes through again!!!
Samhar you set me up with the budget question! I think you're right but with Sophia I's, perhaps it would be a better investment (since money is always an issue) to look for the Sophia II's at the higher dollar value.

I will also want to take into consideration the value retention - One goal is to invest in gear that not only performs well but will retain value.

Don't want to throw a wrench into anyone's working plan, BUT I've always felt myself remiss if when seeking upgrade, if I don't preview the competition for the now 'prize in my eyes' along the way.

$6K can get a lot of speaker... used.
I think that would be a smart move on the one hand, on the other hand the 1's have already experienced their big drop in value the 2's may drop more especially if there is an upgraded version.

$5000-6000 vs $9000-11,500

Bottom line; you pay to play!!!!