Where to go from Basis 2000/RB300/Glider?


I know my analog setup is not considered "up there." My TT is suspect; my arm could be better and a Shelter 501-II would surpass the Glider that I currently own.

Trading-in would be my choice of upgrading route since I have no experience selling through clasified sections and I'd just like to bring my system in, leave it and carry out another TT. (Most possibly at a loss.)

My choices are not plenty. The dealers I know (in New York City) carry Linn and Nottingham.

A guide from you would be very much appreciated.

Keep your Basis 2000 (assuming it is in perfect to excellent mechanical shape), purchase a Graham 2.2 tonearm and a Helikon SL LO MC cartridge and enjoy your LP collection all over again.
I think the table is the place to improve. If your selection is limited to the brands you mention, I'd lean toward the Nottingham Hyperspace. But I would depart from Nottingham at the arm. The Origin Live Encounter or Silver arms would be a better choice if you want low compliance cartridges like Shelter. Member "4yanx" just heard a Hyperspace with a OL Illustrious arm and Shelter 901 and seemed to think it was extremely good. It showed as well as the Teres 255 in that demo. That is good performance in anybody's book.
Keep your Basis! Upgrade your arm to a Basis Vector, (trading in your Basis rb300) and look at a Shelter 901, Sumiko Celebration, or maybe a Koetsu. The Benz and Basis are not a "synergistic" match in my book. They are often sold by the same dealers as they both have the same distributor, But they just do not go well together.

Maybe have OL do the Origin Live Mod to your BAsis 300 (thus keeping VTA), and get a more involving cart. Benz's put me to sleep......... I feel like i'm watching a movie in panoramic view with the Benz's (L2 and Ruby) - wayyyy to distant and non-involved. Just going to a more involving cart really brought the enjoyment back! It's the arm and Cart combo, as the TT allows what you have as a pickup device(Arm/cart) to shine through.
Thanks Timo, Twl and Monk.

There's so much to read from your other answers - Teres TT, Origin Live arms and Shelter cartridges. I surely will try to read and absorb as much as I possible can and hopefully (almost certain) will make the right decision when I'm ready to purchase.

Looks like the Linn is a no-go, eh?

Thanks again!


Analog System:

Basis 2000/RB300/Benz Glider
Audio Note M2 Phono preamp
47 Lab Gaincard amp
Konus Audio Essence speakers
47 Lab OTA cable thruout
Howdy. I aggree with Mink above that the replacing your arm with the Basis Vector would be a great option. The Vector is a drop in replacement where as the Graham is not - it requires a different mounting hole. One other thing. With the Graham, you'll need a tonearm cable whereas, from looking at the pictures I've seen of the Vector, I believe the it comes "hardwired" with an arm cable. You'll save the additional cost of what ever cable you would choose.

It's on the matter of cartridges that I part company with Monk. I'm using Ruby 2 with the Graham and Basis Debut and do not find this combo boring. The choice of cartirdge is the most personal part of this and one needs to match the choice of cartridge to the rest of their system and to their expectations. The pain in this is one can't try before they buy.

My recommendation would be to buy the Vector first and plan on using it at least for a little while with your Glider so you can hear for yourself how the voicing of the Benz line works with the new arm and the rest of your system. Whether you keep the glider or not, you'll have a point of reference. Change one thing at a time.

FYI, I'm planning on taking my own advice on buying a Vector.
I cannot comment on the Basis because, while I have heard many a table, never a Basis. I can say that the audition I had recently, to which Twl refers, with an OL Illustrious/Shelter 901 combo on several different tables was very revealing. This combo on a 'Not Hyperspace was nothing short of stunning. While I have a 'Not Spacedeck/Spacearm/Shelter 501 combo, I would give my left "you know what" to be able to afford the Hyperspace/Illustrious/901 combo. My feeling is that you could double your outlay for this combo to buy something else and likely not gain much in performance. It was, frankly, one of the best combos I have EVER heard and that takes into consideration combos costing A LOT more (not that it would be cheap by any measure).
If you are in for musicality than go straight for Spacedeck from Nottingham. I tried many turntables before I settled down with Spacedeck. The others which I had owned are the Sota Star Sapphire, Sota Sapphire, SME10, and the more expensive Nottingham Hyperdeck. I even called myself a downgrade for the decision I made for choosing a cheaper version. I went on to fix two arms on SD, one is Graham 2.2 and the other is Triplanar latest version. I found that arm/cartridge/phono combination, IMHO, is the most important. I have, for one of the combinations, the Graham/Koetsu Urushi/Audio Researh Ref Phono together with Audio Research Ref preamp MkII(it is never good to be standalone pre by itself). The other combination on the same turntable i have is the Triplanar/Miyabi 47lab/TomEvanThe Groove with Convergent Ultimate Preamp. Both combinations give me good results for my Ediolon speakers. I do own other cartridges; namely Koetsu Rosewood Sig.Platinum, Lyra HelikonSL, FujiAiry3, Benz glider and ace. Other phono stage I own include the Whest2.0, 47lab PhonoCube with dual power supply. I have yet to find out more new combination with all these different components due to my limited time for listening. My advice to you is to spend your money in looking for the "right" phonostage to go along with your cartridge.
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