where to go after Harbeth SHL-5

Hi all

I currently have the Harbeth SHL-5 powered by Pass 60.5.My listening space is at 18'X 12'X 7'.
Although I love the musicality of the Harbeths i'm looking for some more resolution and some more in the low end but without compromising on musicality. Any suggestions in the area of $k 10-12 new or used ? What about the Wilson Sophia 3 ?
Thanks to all repliers.
Icorem, the fellow who posted the video below used to have the SHL-5's. You may want to email him. He has experience with quite a few sets of quality speakers.

Check the link below:

He's a member here under the same moniker as the one on youtube.
Pre owned Vandersteen 5As
High passing your main amp would be a huge advantage.
The resolution and Musicality w/Vandersteen Five As and Carbons series when bi wired with AQ DBS wired or similar is mind boggling.
Vandy Dealer
I went from SHL5 to JBL/Altec horns, and will never look back! Yes, it was a 180 degree turn, and at times I miss my Harbeths, but the dynamics and detail afforded by the horns, as well as the ability to use great sounding 1.5 watt SET amps really makes it a no-brainer for me.
If that does not bake your cake, then I would follow Douger's advice and look for some 'Prestige' Tannoys (the Turnberry would be in your range), or perhaps some AudioNote AN-E would also fit the bill. I am not sure about the Vandersteen 5 as I haven't heard them...