Where to go after Devore Fidelity Super 8's

Hello all current and former Devore Fidelity speaker owners.

I have been enjoying Devores for nearly 3 years and I am wondering where to turn for the Devore sound with more bass impact.

What I'd like to know....especially from those of you who have retired your Devore's in favor of another speaker....is, where did you turn?
I went from Devore Gibbon 8s to Audio Physic Virgo IIIs. Currently have Wilson Audio Sophia IIIs and plan on getting Wilson Audio Sasha's.
I have heard the devore super 8, nines, and own the silverbacks. At each step, the bass weight provides an improvement. I was originally on the fence about the nines vs. the silverbacks but I am glad that I went with the no regrets line of reasoning because that is exactly how it has worked out. Not knowing your musical preferences and other system components it may be difficult to give you good advice. If you like the devore sound it would be worth checking further up the line including the new O/96 (i haven't heard it yet) and I noticed on Devore's web-site that there is something new being unveiled in January.
one of the few speakers that listeners seem to love as much as Devore is Merlin.

Maybe set up an audition?

with the BAM bass extension they may suit your needs.
While I didn't have the Super 8 speakers, I did have the Gibbon 8 speakers in my system for about 6 months. I found the bass considerably lacking and ended up putting a Paradigm sub into the mix. It took me 2 months of tweaking it to get the sub to blend seemlessly with the DeVore speakers, but the DeVores never threw out the big kind of sound that I had gotten from my previously owned Vandersteen speakers.

I sold the DeVore speakers and Paradigm sub for a slight loss and took delivery of a pair of Odyssey Kismet reference speakers. The speakers have exceeded ALL of my expectations and they will remain in my system for many years to come.
The new 'to be unveiled' speaker is the Super 8's replacement, the 88. I notice the Nines will now sport a new bamboo cabinet like the 3XL and new 88.

My current components Wadia 171i into April Music Eximus DP1 dac, into MastersounD DueVenti integrated with Verastarr cabling.

Acoustic, jazz, pop, classic rock....moderate volume levels

Room size is 14x23 vaulted ceilings
Spent a considerable amount of time with the Nine's (wonderful speaker!!) before settling on the Audio Note AN-E.
Andrewboettcher--you're right, the gibbon 88 is the latest in the line of 8 series gibbons, replacing the Super 8. These were shown a few weeks ago at RMAF. The new gibbon model we're planing to show at CES in January is another model, coming in above the Nines. In general the new gibbons are considerably more punchy and have more bass dynamic capability than previous models.

In addition, there is the Orangutan series, and the first of this series, the O/96, with it's 10 inch woofer, puts out a great deal of bass energy and impact in most systems.

I've been trying to keep the website updated, but it does inevitably lag behind, sorry for any confusion this has created.

John DeVore
Not to be too intrusive, but what amps do you use? Get them LAMM or Gryphon or even, hell I never said it, better and newer Brystons, and they just might give you enough bass and dynamics. In my experience speakers are often capable of much more than it seems given the good amp and source. And cables, and cords, and wall current. These are good speakers and you like them - give those monkeys another chance.
A new model above the Nines? Looking forward to hearing more about it. Although the Nines are amazing enough in my room, why would I want more, right? Downright spectacular speakers. They have a snap and vibrancy that I haven't really heard elsewhere -- and can't believe I muddled along for years without it.
To quote John DeVore-the new 88's are "replacing the Super 8". This means,typically,that a slew of Super 8's will be turning up on the 'gon in coming months. Coupled with a nice subwoofer,a used pair might make for a great-sounding(and economical) purchase for a first time Devore-ite. Hmmm....
'give those monkeys another chance'
LOL! one of the best quotes in a thresd....ever.
Thanks for the leads also. Lamm would be nice, but probably out of the Super 8's league...but point well taken.

Sure, LAMM would outclass them so perhaps it would be too much and too expensive.
Speakers are "female" and amps are "male" and as such..
Well, I better stop right here.
I would give the Nola Contenders a listen. I auditioned the DeVores 8s,9s and the 3xl but they just didn't do it for me.I audition the Nola Boxer and was pretty much blow away. Bought the Contenders just waited for them now. They just seemed to have something the deVores lacked....and i wanted to love the DeVores. Best of luck in your hunt.