Where to go

 Over the last year I have upgraded my turntable and phono amp to a VPI Prime with eagle speed control and  Parasound JC 3+.  I carried over my Dynavector 20x2 Lomc  cartridge which has about 400 hours on it.  I have Balanced Audio Technology preamp and a Parasound A21 Amp that runs Thiel CS 2.4 speakers with a REL R-328 sub. Interconnects are Purest Audio. 

 My question has to do with my cartridge, I don't know how much of life i can expect from my Dynavector cart but I am entertaining the idea to upgrade.  I don't have any complaints about my current cart, so I'm inclined maybe to just replace it with the same one.  If there was anything lacking in my system it may be that the midbass was a little lacking but that probably has more to do with the speakers than the cart. If I choose to upgrade what would be a good next logical step?  I do like Dynavector but there is an Audio Technica I've read about that might be a nice try as well. 

 I guess I would like to spend around $1200 but probably no more than that. 
Nice system, the Prime is a very good table and arm combo, I also have one. The 20 Dynavectors are really good carts that I like better than there 17D series they just sounded better to my ears, with that said The Shelter 501 is the least expensive cart I could live with in my system after tasting some really nice carts and settling on the Dynavector DRT XV1s, XYZ Universe and a Mayabi Standard that I rotate in and out of my system. Do not discount the bump in performance when you add the perifial ring and a good screw down clamp, I use a BDR clamp. The last 2 Shelters I bought new, a 901 and a 501 I bought from 2juki on EBay great prices and a quality dealer. Also pick you up a mint best protracter to set that arm. Good luck would love to hear what you wind up with and how it helps with your JC3.
You should get at least 1000 hours out of your current stylus. If you are happy, then be happy for a while longer.
Tooblue, I do use a Mint protractor. Had one for my Scout when I had that. A must have in my opinion.  I also did a small mod to the Prime by switching out the pulley so I can use 2 belts. Can't say I could hear any difference the Eagle speed control and tach keep the rpm pretty stable with or without 2 bands. 


i didnt realize the Dynavector could last so long. I thought most carts were pretty done after 500 hours?  If I could even get 800 hours my cart will be good for a few years yet. 
..just heard VAS NOVA......no need for anything else. 
When you start to have tracking distortion send it back to Dynavector for a retip. 

Meanwhile, work with a local dealer and experiment with other cartridges of higher caliber and then determine what is the best upgrade.

By the time your present stylus wears out you might be able to spring for an even better cartridge than your budget would allow for today.

The VAS NOVA isn't expensive....just acts that way
There are no good hi end audio brick and mortar stores here unfortunately. Unless you count Magnolia - and I don't. My whole system is made up through mail order. And yes it's been hard to say the least.  Lots of trial and error, dumb luck and good ole fashion research. So my only option is to buy ears unheard. I've had to rely on many reviews of other Agoner's. So thank you all very much for your help - it's much appreciated. 

If you decide on a Dynavector just trade it in and save yourself a few bucks !!