Where to get XLR male to male cable

I have a Classe Audio DR-8 amp and DR-5 pre amp.  I need a male to male XLR cable to connect them, but I cannot seem to find such a cable.  XLR female to male seems to be the only XLR cable I can find.  Where can I find a male to male XLR cable?  Looking to spend about $200-300 for the pair.  


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Why would a preamp output to amp input use a male/male?
Standard connection would be a male to female. 
I was thinking that, too.
I’m no techie but I believe XLR cables are purposely made with a male on one end and female on the other. Check the labeling on your equipment, output on one component should go to input on the other. It may sound silly, but it’s an easy mistake to make. The cables are made to support that format. Classe Audio equipment is very clearly marked. Be sure to check carefully.
For some reason, the XLR connectors for my Classe Audio DR-8 amp and DR-5 amps both need male connectors.  It does not make sense.  

Below are links to pictures of my equipment so you can see for yourself. I am thinking the DR-5 pre-amp should have the female connector, but it doesn't.  Was this is a mistake when the unit was made?



You’re right, the pre and amp both have female connectors. Since the amp is so old (no warranty issues), why not change out the connectors? 
You can find XLR male-male cables at pro audio web sites/stores. For example, Markertek has such cables available. Or you could probably ask Blue Jeans Cable or other cable companies to make you a pair.
Your pictures support what you said. I can’t explain it. I did check the Tara Labs balanced cables that I used between my DR-6 and DR-15, and there is male on one end, and female on the other. I can’t explain the female output on your preamp. I can only guess that they were replaced incorrectly in the past, or installed incorrectly when manufactured and no one tried to use the XLR receptacle until now. You’re right, it does seem strange. Someone else may have a better explanation.
Really weird. Maybe it's a Canadian thing, eh?

Ask Blue Jeans or Signal Cable to make them.
Blue jeans cable sells them , you can get them female/ male , male/ male , female / female just click the drop box and chose what you want no need to ask for a special  order 
I can make you one using the Duelund bulk wire as I do in my Acoustic BBQ Line.  
If you intend to keep the unit, you should change the XLR inside the unit.