where to get schematic for Artemis Lab PH-1

My Artemis Labs PH-1 has developed a hum in the right channel and I want to have it repaired. It appears that both Artemis Labs and Aydn (distributor) are no longer in business. I have it mated to the Artemis Labs LA-1 line amp and I wish to keep the pair in my system. To me they provide vinyl magic. I have a VPI Classic II with a Benz Micro Ruby 2 HO MC cartridge. I'm willing to send it off for repair if I can find a facility that will do it. Would even consider a mod if that's what it takes to get it repaired.
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Sorry I can't help with a schematic, but just wanted to say that the PH-1 is indeed an outstanding phono stage! I use mine with a Benz Ruby Zebrawood H and it is like heaven.

Unfortunately, mine also has a hum issue. Please reply back if you find a fix to the problem. I am going through withdrawals severely bad.
I drew out a schematic back when I had one. I am traveling for a few days but could send it to you in a week after I return. Send me a pm if you still need it by then, and I will scan it.

Found a simplified schematic, no value on components but you can plug them in from inspecting your unit:


Owners manual can be downloaded here:


Hope it helps.

Thanks for responding. I have the users manual with the block diagram. I found a local guitar amp repair shop that could repair it if I had the full schematic. I've also made contact with Dave Slagle of hifiheroin who has been rumored to perform mods on the PH-1. Maybe he'll be able to provide some help. I've also tried to contact Sean Ta who owned AYDN and Artemis Labs but I've had no success so far. I'll keep you posted as this progresses.
Thank you Martrabar for your update. Dave Slagle is a great man...he would be a great option if he is willing to work on it.

Keep us posted!

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No Regrets
No Regrets, I sent you an email. Let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks Salectric for your email! Much appreciated. I should be back home next Tuesday and will take a closer look at things then. Thank you for taking the time to try and help...you are a true gentleman!

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You are certainly welcome. I hope you are successful in getting rid of the hum.
Dave Slagle sent me the schematic! I am dropping my PH-1 off at my local guitar amp technician next Monday the 26th. I will let you know what he finds that is causing the right channel hum.
It appears that the hum was caused by the ZIF socket cover being loose.  All the internal components were fine. It is again quiet and I am enjoying having back in my system.
Hi martrabar!

Thank you for your followup post and sharing what the solution was for your problem.

This is very interesting.  I often run mine without the ZIF cover on as I like to experiment with different loading from time to time and this just makes it easier for me.

My health hasn't been well for the last couple of months and had to under go some very invasive surgery.  I will be laid up and will be quite immobile for several more weeks so I will not be able to test this theory out for my own situation until I recover.  What a fantastic and easy solution if it truly does work.  Thank you so much for sharing this info with us all!

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!