Where to get good hifi deals


I wondered if anyone could help me with som links or places I can get good deals of hifi/home theatre products?

Used-demo-discount stores.

Im from norway and i like to change to switch(chage) my home theatre products often to try new things, and I can save some money when I order from US and send it with jetcarrier , but i dont know so many web site`s , where do you guys buy from? when you dont buy from audiogon:P I appreciate your help:)

Sincerely Bendik

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Stanwal has a good suggestion in MSS hifi. They have a good web page. I have not bought or sold from/to them so cannot provide a view based on experience.

I like a couple of high end dealers who sell demo and used equipment. One is goodwin's highnend in the boston area. The other is audio consultants in hinsdale illinois just outside chicago. Both are very reputable, stand behind their promises.

Good luck in your search.