Where to get good hifi deals


I wondered if anyone could help me with som links or places I can get good deals of hifi/home theatre products?

Used-demo-discount stores.

Im from norway and i like to change to switch(chage) my home theatre products often to try new things, and I can save some money when I order from US and send it with jetcarrier , but i dont know so many web site`s , where do you guys buy from? when you dont buy from audiogon:P I appreciate your help:)

Sincerely Bendik
Dude? Take a look around here, what do you think the mission of this site is? Look at classifieds!
My main source is Audiogon; second is ebay. Have gotten some very good things on the latter but exercise care. I have dealt with MSS HI FI; had no problems but apparently others were not as satisfied. I am not a HT expert so I will defer to others on best sites.
I know this is a good site , and I also use ebay and amazon:)
But I just wanted to know if it is more places where you can get a good deal? Thank you stanwal for you help, I appreciate it:) Sincerely Bendik.
Stanwal has a good suggestion in MSS hifi. They have a good web page. I have not bought or sold from/to them so cannot provide a view based on experience.

I like a couple of high end dealers who sell demo and used equipment. One is goodwin's highnend in the boston area. The other is audio consultants in hinsdale illinois just outside chicago. Both are very reputable, stand behind their promises.

Good luck in your search.
Be sure and look into ALL reviews of Mss HiFi, some are not so good. Just do your homework.
Thank you all so much for the help:)
MSS hifi have been selling and making counterfeit Bel Canto products (see court case on google) and now been caught making counterfeit Synergistic Research Cables check-out the link

I would not go close to MSS HiFi. Terrible reputation. Some real horror stories if anything goes wrong.

Goodwin's is a fine place. Upscale Audio is popular with many, especially for tube equipment.

Higherfi.com has some interesting stuff, with a lot at the upper end. I have not dealt with them. Anyone have any experience with them?
I've dealt with Higherfi and they are local to me(MPLS,MN area)but it also looks like he does a lot of brokering. Some of the adds look loke they ship from elsewhere, I would have no reservations buying from them.
They are selling counterfeit goods and are unauthorised dealers. I would check all the items you purchased from them with the actual manufacturer.

Check out Bel Canto legal action and now Synergistic Research.
Dsholl1 - you are referring to MSS - correct? They used to be known as The Audio Pimp. Enough said.