Where to get an arm board?

I finally received my RB300, looks sweet! But, wait just a second, of course it does not fit into my tear shaped arm board in my Systemdek iix. I searched, but really found nothing. So, where does one get one? I'm not all that good with wood, so I'm not sure I can successfully make one. Any ideas would be welcome.
Woodworking shop or one that works with acrylics.
I have mother of all armboard, made from Gaboon ebony. Sorry for being a show of, just can't help it.

Ebony armboard
That's nice, did you make it?
Is Systemdek still in business? It really should not be a problem to make. Methinks the hardest decision would be what material you want it out of and where to drill the holes for proper alignment. Since the board is recessed, the edge finish will not be visible and anyone with a little woodworking skill should be able to do it. If need be, I could do it for you if you cover shipping and what ever the material cost might be if it is not something I have on hand already.

Really though, a buddy with a jigsaw and a drill is all you need once you get a "template" together. A local place that sells woodworking equipment is another option. Get it drawn out on the wood/plastic/metal of your choice and just go there. Offer them $20 or so and I bet they will do it right then and there...
I agree with Stanwal. There are shops who produce acrylic
name boards,etc. I got this way the armbase for my Audiomeca J1 exactly made as the original ( wich was impossible to find). My was laser cut from a acrylic slab.

Hi Paul, yup, actually they are twin, here's the pix.

Gaboon armboards
First of all, thanks for all the great responses! The bonus shot of the Gaboon arm board was excellent, that is a beauty! Audio porn for sure.

I'm thinking that I will take a shot at it, I will use my current arm board for the pattern, rough it out with a jigsaw, that smooth it out with a dremel. 4est, special thanks for the offer, but I think even I may be able to do this!
Systemdek is not in business anymore, but they sold out to another company, who I forget and they still make some nice tt's. My intent was to upgrade my arm and platter in leu of getting a new tt, so that the reason.
I will give it a shot this week and let you all know the result.
Audio porn (like regular porn) is not necessarily a basis for a productive, long term relationship.

When thinking about a turntable design, you need to consider the physical energy paths, in much the same way you consider the current paths in an amplifier design.

There could well be a case for introducing wood into the equation ... or not.

If you have only one crack at this, the safe bet would be to match the material of either the turntable or the arm.

It may not be the prettiest solution, but it's the safest bet.

Now, if you have the time and resources to explore 8 or 10 combinations, then by all means, explore to your heart's content. It's how we all learn.

I have template for just this. It's hand drawn by the previous systemdek owner. I haven't made it, but should be a good start for you. Send me an email I'll send it back as a scanned pdf attachment.