where to get a Rawson Aleph 5 clone repaired?

I just bought a couple of Rawson Aleph 5 clones on Audiogon.

One of the amps sounds great, the other one does not warm up.

Before I send them back to the seller (heavy) I wonder if anyone knows where in Southern California I could get a technician to take a look at it.

The circuits look simple enough, but all I got is a voltmeter.
You can bring it by our Shop and I can take a look at it for you.

PBN Audio

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Know a number of folks who have had problems with the Rawson amps. That's what you get for buying an amp illegally made by an unauthorized manufacturer. Compared to Pass, the work is poor quality, in addition to being unauthorized.

Don't buy a design stealing intellectual property in the future.
Thanks for the reply.... PBN... I took a look at the amps and realized that one of the wires had broken off the PC board. I resoldered it and the amps work fine now. In the future I will keep you in mind. You're in El Cajon? Funny, I work in Rancho Bernardo.

I did realize that it seems to be missing the thermistor that Nelson Pass drew in his design but hey (Rosco) the quality of Rawson's amps is eons ahead of my DIY skills. At least, I think I can fix most of the problems because the circuit is so simple.

At least I can now revel in the knowledge that I am now a true audiophile:

A true audiophile turns on his stereo with his soldering iron... anyone else who uses an ON/OFF switch is just a dilettante with too much money. :-P
You used to see the Rawson amps up for sale once in awhile,
not too much anymore, people apparantly really like them. I
owned one and thought it sounded excellent but different.