Where to get a Hannl record cleaner serviced

Has anyone had to have a Hannl record cleaner serviced here in the US?  I need help getting pointed in the right direction.

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Acoustic Sounds used to be the importer, (still might be).  I would contact them and see what they say.  Maybe they could steer you in the right direction.

Hannl is not, to my knowledge, well represented here. My suggestion is to send an email to the factory. Mr. Hannl is not fluent in English, but another fellow there is. I have found them to be helpful, and they may point you in the right direction. (I don't own their machine, but at Syntax's suggestion, started to use their fluid and like it). 
Have you tried Scot Markwell of Elite Audio Video Distribution?  I believe he distributes the Hannl line in U.S.