Where to fix Forsell Air Reference Transport and D/A

The transport unit keep giving reading error message and on/off of D/A unit no longer works.  I contacted Dr.Forsell himself but his staff told me they no longer support the product.  Any suggestion?  I suspect for the transport a swap for the optical drive will do but it could be hard to find the old Philip drive.
I had similar problems with my Forsell transport years ago when I had it, and sent it to a dealer in California whose name escapes me now (I believe the owner was Elliott Midwood?) who gave it a good cleaning and adjustment, fixed it perfectly.  No idea if he still does that, though.  Back in 2005, I was advised that the tech for Forsell in the US was Joe Laliberte C/O Ensemble; 28 Charron Ave, #7; Nashua, NH 03063; tel: 603 595-9871, ext. 203.  All of these may be out of date at this point, but worth a try.
Thanks rcprince for the suggestion.  I got the response from Bengt Andersson from Foresell back in this January indicating Forsell no longer support my unit due to lack of part and availability of laser unit.  I will try Elliott Midwood.  Thanks again. 
Sad- that these companies do not stand behind their products, especially, parts?
I know...  guess it's the reality for trying to keep an old unit.

It is a special transport.  I don't know how they did it, but it sounded more "analog" than any other transport I tried.

Wish I could remember Elliott's store, that would be more helpful to you.  I tried to find it in the archives but wasn't successful, maybe you'll have better luck.

rcprince - this is why I am still trying to fix this transport because it is one that's closest to vinyl.  The resolution may not be as good as others like EMM Lab/dCS/Esoteric but to date this is still one of the best analog sounding unit if pair with it's own d/a converter.  I tried to google Eliott's store but still no luck.  Thanks for your suggestion though.
Does it read cds at all?  Making sounds when trying to read. 

If it totally cannot read,  problem could also be the drive board. 

I have actually previously bought and changed out the laser of this unit if you need sime guidance. 
Elliot's shop is named Acoustic Image. He's located in Studio City, CA.
That's the place.  Thanks, bdp24!  Hopefully he can help.
Thanks both bdp24 and rcprice!!
Hey justubes2 - It will ssometimes read the index but takes long time as if the reading optical head is trying really hard to scan.  But when I hit play it will give me "reading err".  I am going to give it a shot for Elliot's shop and hopefully they still support this unit.  Thanks for your offer!
That's good,  as the control board is working and spinning. 

If there are noises of the airbearing while reading,  it would likely be the alignment issue giving trouble. 

I should have the adjustment instructions that came with the drive unit i got from them if it can help. 

Hi justubes2 - thank you very much for the suggestion.  I would love to take a look at the adjustment instructions for alignment before I sent my unit to Elliott's shop.  Much appreciated!

Drop me an email justubes1@yahoo.com.sg
Thanks a lot justubes2.  Expect an email from selai@hotmail.com