Where to find the fuse holder for McIntosh MC225 ?

Hi all,
I just dust off my old McIntosh amp MC225, but the fuse holder cap is missing.
I try look up online but only fund the screw-in cap type
The MC225's fuse holder cap with lock type
Or if you can come up with replacement modification ?
Check tubesandmore.com
better yet, check with audioclassics that will be a phone call but they are the experts.
Second Audio classics it is really all about macs but have a ton of stuff. They restore amps all the time.
If that fails,
I've heard that McIntosh has every part from anything it ever made no matter how old. Therefore they can restore any MC amp to spec. I believe that don't do you any favor on prices. Further very strongly suggest that you do what they tell you to buy and do..
Thank you for suggestion.
I found an extra old fuse holder on deadbeat Marantz receiver - With a little modification (grind off couple milimeters in length) - Now my MC225 is up running now
But I think the input gains need a bit clean up as it makes noise when turn