Where To find Swans Speakers?

Where can I find a distributor, or web site for Swans speakers. I saw pictures of them at the CES 2000 and they looked great. I also herd they went out of business- go figure . Thanks
This guy had a pair for auction on e-bay last week, [email protected], you can try to contact him for more information. rgds, david k.
We are told that Perpetual Technologies, or an arm thereof, will be distributing the newly redesigned Swans line of speakers. An investor has purchased the Swans name and designs, and has released quite a few models.
Try AV123.com, they are one of the Vendor on Audiogon. Their Diva lines are great looking. Have anyone had any listening experience with these speakers? How do they sound?
dulcet.com Goto found it for me, I use dogpile. Swans just moved fron Canada to Califoria.