Where to find steel footers?

I am looking for a place to purchase some inexpensive steel footers.

I really like the stainless steel Dome cones. These cones have a lot of weight to them. I have tried a number of cones or tip toes in the lase 20 years and I like these the best. They come in both large and small sizes. I use the large cones to clear the large feet Audio research uses. They are available on the Acoustic Sounds web site. Just do a search for Dome cones. I bought mine locally at a place called Van L Speakerworks. You can check out his web site also if you want. John is a great guy and will work with you on price.
Stillpoints Ultra SS Footers.
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Try a hardware store. They often carry small brass or stainless steel tack like hardware which is rounded on one side and has a nail on ther side that you can push or lightly hamer into the underside of a floor standing speaker. Just use three in a triangle so you dont have to worry about leveling if your floors are basically level to start with.