where to find sacd's??

I just ordered a sony s9000es, now where can I find any sacd's to try out? Has anyone heard this unit yet?
You may want to look at audioassylum under the new Hi-rez highway for a discussion of all the disks that are out and reviews of them. There is also recommendations on where to buy them. The cheapest prices (by far)we have found is at www.hmv.com which is apparently a Canadian chain of music stores that also sells over the internet. I have not ordered any from them yet as I blew my budget for a while before I knew of them. See comments on them at assylum. It appears people are please with the service. Enjoy! Jim.
For a list of releases go to : http://www.sel.sony.com/SEL/consumer/sacd/static/mus-titles.html#top It says at the bottom last updated in Feb. but it keeps growing as more releases come out so I think they are just not updating the update date- if you know what I mean.
acousticsounds.com- chad kassem has the most up-to-date list of titles available for sale.
thanks guys, does anyone know of a retail chain that I could buy them locally from? Every place I have tried doesn't even kniow that there is another format besides CD!!!
Did a little shopping today for DSDs at Music Direct in Chicago (312) 433-0200. Found racks full of goodies... Purchased SRV "Couldn't Stand the Weather" and Mc Tyner & Friends. Using the new 9000ES (since Wednesday). Still adjusting to the new paradigm so can't offer firm opinion. WARNING: Telarc is making CD only versions of titles it also offers in DSD format. The lables say: CD/DSD (because the master was recorded using DSD process). The unwary, i.e. me, will purchase these thinking they can be played on either type of machine -THEY CAN'T! Borders was gracious enough to let me return them (I'll be shopping there again). I still swear I saw a variation of the 9000ES ($500 more) the includes an A/V preamp (saw it on Sony's website). Would rather have this than mine.
Kkirkpa:For sure you have to look for the SACD. Not sure if you said what you meant but the Telarc "red book" 16./44.1 CD of an original DSD recording will play on both standard CD players and SACD players. It's probably more useful to refer to the discs as SACD rather than DSD. Most available SACD at this point were not originally recorded in DSD although obviously the original master (whether analogue or digital) is transferred to DSD to make the SACD. As an aside, an additional benefit of the SACD will be that digital masters from machines like the Mitsubishi X-80 formerly used by Tom Jung of DMP will be heard unsullied by transfer to the old Sony format for the first time. Also, it should be more clear than ever of the superiority of good analogue masters compared to Sony digital master tapes of the past 20 years.
Ditto to cornfedboy, Acoustic Sounds has a great selection and a excellant catolog. (acousticsounds.com)
Once you decide what sacd's to buy sign on to www.hmv.com - great prices and if you buy 4 or more then its free shipping.
Pkron: On your aside, Telarc is also planning, if they ever get time at the SACD plant, to release some of its early Soundstream recordings, which will be interesting to hear since I'm told the Soundstream was the original DSD machine. As far as the superiority of the old Sony analog tapes, it depends on the recordings; a lot of the old Columbia stuff can sound a little shrill, because that was the way they recorded it.