where to find quality recording of Radiohead?

I saw a UK CD version of Radiohead's KID A, does anyone know if it sounds better than the 'regular' version?

Is KID A available in SACD or vinyl?

thank you

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I don't know about the UK Cd being any better than the US version, but you can get all Radiohead stuff on vinyl. See http://www.hmv.com/
Beware of Radiohead on vinyl. I've collected Kid A, The Bends, and Pablo Honey on vinyl and was very disappointed with the sonics compared to the domestic CDs. It may be worth it to look at the vinyl manufacturers and compare before buying.
I have 10 inch record (2 record sets) of Amnesiac and Kid A on vinyl and they blow away the CD versions, on my system at least. The Kid A version I have was manufactured in Holland (?) and Amnesiac in Canada. I bought them at local record shops (in NYC). I've seen copies of each at Tower Records (although exorbitantly priced-- $40 a copy-- whereas I got mine for about $25 each-- which is still kind of steep.)
As far as I know there are no differences on audio quality on any Radiohead CD,there are also no SACD's as yet.
The vinyl issue has been covered above.
Radiohead are a very collectable band and the band themselves seem to take their packaging very seriously.
As a result there a myriad of different versions of albums,singles,limited editions,promo's etc. however whilst there is differences on the packaging side there are no audio differences on the actual albums ( some singles do have extended versions,live versions and remixes but these are extra's) as far as I know.
There was an internet rumour that Kid A had been released in varying mixes with no way to identify them on the CD but I believe this turned out to be untrue.
thank you very much (presumably) Radiohead fans


I think I can get the 10" vinyl