Where to find quality "stock" power cords

I just sold a pair of monoblock amplifiers but could not locate the stock cords that came with them. I promised the buyer I would supply these. For a high-power amp from a big name high-end company, this is normally a 14 awg shielded PC. Should be easy enough to find, but I've not had luck. Suggestions?
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The Volex cords are the essentially the same stock ones used in the Crump design (14 ga) and they are quite good. I still use them on my Pro Audio gear.

Actually if we were not all insane-they are likely all one needs.
Stick a Pass and Seymour plug on them and they become quite good.

I'll throw my support for the Volex. They performed
better in some areas than my $160 cords. Made a
believer out of me.

Based on the enthusiasm for Volex in this thread, I ordered a bunch of them last night for myself. Not that I need more power cords, but at <$6 apiece (in quantities of 2 or more), I figure I can use them as stocking stuffers. Wouldn't it be nice if they turn out to be comparable in some applications to the Audience and whatnot I am currently using? Doubtful, but this stuff can be so application-specific that you can never be sure.
The Volex worked more to our liking than three different $1000+ cords we tried on our preamp. However, it lost out in a Battle Royal with one of those same cords on our CD player. Now where's my ego supposed to get its next meal?