Where to find ProAc 2.5 s or 1.5 s

No immediate dealer close by in the KC area. Please offer any suggestions where to look for these marvelous speakers. Also please comments welcome for comparisions between the 1.5's 2/5's vs. Merlin VSM & TSM. I have heard wonderful reviews for each. Is it safe to say that Merlin's components are superior? My music of choice is rock, jazz and R&B. Thanks for any input this web site has been a great asset.
For ProAC I would recommend "Audio Outlet" - Frank Huang,
www.audiooutlet.com, (914)666-0550. Fast shippment, all finishes, best deal.
Good luck.
I have had dealings with Audio Outlet too. I purchsed my first speakers from them, Meadowlark Kestrels. They were not the most helpful and generous with their time, but I found them to be very business like, and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from them especially if you know what it is you want.
Audio-Logic in Des Moines, Iowa is very good to deal with and they carry Proac. www.audio-logic.com Good Hunting. Craig
I would suggest dealing with John Rutan at Audio Connection in Verona, NJ. I purchased a pair of ProAc 3.8's from him. I have purchased other pieces from him. Good man, good deal, straight forward, fair when it comes to trading up or trading down. www.audioconnect.com 973-239-1799. I do not work for him. I have been his customer for five years and he has yet to let me down.