Where to find new vinyl

Is there a good site on the internet that reviews new
vinyl releases? Particularly important are classical and

Also, a good place to find new vinyl for purchase would be
good, as long as it's not the same site that is doing the
reviews, of course!

My personal favorate...


But there are others...
http://www.acousticsounds.com are re-issuing 25 great jazz classics in 45 rpm. Very serious stuff, remastered by Steve Hoffman and Kevin grey. This site also has a ton of other jazz, and some classical.
Uh... I would avoid Simply Vinyl. Their stuff sounds terrible and is overpriced.

Acoustic Sounds is a great source, Music Direct (www.amusicdirect.com) is another. Audiophile Int'l (www.audiophileusa.com) is yet another. There are many others but these will get you started and in addition to a large inventory these guys know what they're talking about.
Check out www.elusivedisc.com, too.
And of course Classic Records who have classical,Blue Note re-isssues (heard their new Mono 200 gr. is AWESOME!)and pop stuff.Most of it is mastered by Stan Rickman and wonder man Bernie Grundman.I love their jazz stuff above all other re-issuer's out there as the standards are the very best whe they go after tape and stampers.One of the better sounding labels of the 50's/60's was Epic and whem you here the Classic re-issue of say Charlie Rouse's "YEAH!" it amazigly sounds better than a $200 mint or unplayed original.That's one to look for if you want straight ahead jazz by Monk's last and longest serving sax man.Classic even re-leases some stuff you couldn't find even if you wanted to spend $500-1000 on the original of Red Rodney's "1957" on the hopelessly rare Signal label.These guys are the antithesis of the worst jazz Lp's those made by OJC/Fantasy which aren't worth the $10 even on the first play and get trashed after one or two passes.Too bad 'cuz they have the largest catalogue out there and pressed thousands of hundreds of titles.Imagine if Classic re-pressed them all?!?Lastly if you eve see the Jap import Venus Lp's which feature some of the best Sax and Piano leaders of true quality jazz well the Lp's are pressed from digital tapes ( they call it 24-bit Hyper Magnum Sound!)which will show you stunning LP's can come from digital sources just fine-it all depends on the quality of the tapes not the "pure" anologue source qothodoxy you here about.Take a quality analogue tape convert it to digital to make a CD and then use that tape to make re-issue LP's?Well yes that can suck.But look for Venus wax.I think Venus and Mappleshade are the best sounding CD's out there for new material (XRCD's are great in the CD re-issue arena).There you have it Chazzbo spoken
Hackmaster...really? I've been quite pleased with my Simply Vinyl records. Expensive...sure. Sounds terriple....dunno about that one.

Has anyone else had the same experience with Simply Vinyl material?

Great service and selection from this UK vendor. The turnaround time from order to receipt to the US is about 5-7 working days and they charge minimal for Air shipping.

Great source for new release vinyl, especially vinyl that's only pressed in the UK/Europe markets.
Thanks for the helpful responses, I already found a couple
of discs for my wish list.

What is the deal with 45 rpm? They cost twice as much as
33 rpm discs, why? I suppose theoretically they can put
more information on there, though the time per side would
have to decrease.

There are (often) twice as many LP's in the 45 RPM sets, some are even single side pressings. This explanation does not apply to all releases, but certainly to some that I recently purchased.

Glad you found some of the music you've been searching for.

I suppose I just need to get one and find out.

Also, what are some of your favorite current releases? I
picked up Story of the Ghost by Phish, which is perhaps
the best sounding rock release of all time. How do they
make vinyl releases these days; do they just take the CD
and make a record out of it, or do they generally remix?
How would I go about finding out... I'm going to find
the best Chopin releases next, that is why I really got
a turntable in the first place.

I'd like to hear what your favorite releases are too of