where to find lead shot?

I'm looking for lead shot to fill my Lovan rack. Is a gun shop the best source? Sand blasting maybe? How about online? Where do you get your lead shot?
I bought my lead shot at a local gun store. They carried several sizes for reloading shotgun shells. I used the smallest size they sold, to maximize density.
You answered your own question, a gun shop.
Guns stores locally are your best source. They receive large shipments by truck and that's the cheapest type of shipping. Not to worry about lead either as it is coated. Steel shot is also a viable option. Too much lead may suck the life out of an analog system.
Gun shop, that's what I thought, Thanks!
GO cow tipping, and wear ALOT of THICK clothing. After you knock over a few cows and the rancher starts plasting you with his shotgun, you can hurry home and pick all the lead shot out of the clothes.

Ta daaa... Free led shot! :)
When you find it don't buy it...It really sucks...the life out of your speakers and your system..Tom
Tom, would steel be better. Maybe sand
Todd, it is so easy to overdamp. I have 0 dampening material in my system..I have removed all dampening materials from the surface of my walls. With the correct materials and geometry either designed into the rack or in addition to the room itself you can bring the music closer to the real thing.I am an active proponent of direct coupling all equipment including the room boundaries. I am a dealer for a certain product line that is an original. A product line that takes some shots from the readers here..I personally have been using some of these products for 10 years. I did some experimenting with bags of lead shot..adding them one at a time to my system. At first I thought WOW what a difference, and there was a difference..I continued to add more dampening/mass...until I said my music has left the room..I reversed the process one at a time..The music started coming back,piece by piece..till finally the lead was gone but the music was back...You really need to check out the Audiopoints.com site. I am a dealer for them..but before you buy any point, bearing, rubber or fill material read their pages..Tom
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When all is said, and he is done for, that will only dampen his spirit..and kill his vibe.Tom
Ok, talking about the Micro Bearing fill? i'll look into it. How expensive is it? Thanks
I am about to buy lead shot for my Scheu/Eurolab Premier turntable, to fill the transparent plinth. As I have McIntosh amps and love the blue color, I look for ideas to - color the lead blue. DonĀ“t laugh - anybody has an idea how this could be done?
I wonder if you could coat it with some sort of blue powder (chalk). I really have no idea.
Todd you don't want to fill the entire length of the tubes with micro-bearing. Consider 2.0 Audiopoints attached to the main support rods of your stand. 1.0's and discs under the components. Call Robert at the site...Tom
Iraq... plenty
Blue dyes or inks just be careful with the amount drying it out going to be a real pain.
You want to use #9 lead shot. I live in North Carolina, and could not find it in ANY gun shop. I only found one place on the net to get it:

T&T Reloading

Also, Hassel, try using a blue led light. It will light up the whole plinth.
McMaster-Carr sells 25# bags of #9 lead shot. I don't know the retail $$, as my buddy works there and gets it at cost.

Hassel line the plinth with blue transparent cellophane paper or gel paper that is used on lights to change their color.
Thats true. Go to any decent professional photography store and you can find "gels" in all sorts of colors. http://www.leefiltersusa.com
#9 lead shot, 25# bag @ $46.88, part #9030k35
McMaster-Carr (630) 833-0300
I have no affiliation with them but it is the only place I found it, just a bonus that my bud works there.
$47? Look at the one I posted, it's 16 bucks! I always knew McMaster was expensive, but Jesu H. that's ridiculous.