where to find blank disks for denon dcr-w1500

my name is Rip Van Winkle.I`ve been asleep for sometime, and finally awoke with this Denon dcr-w1500 recorder in my arms.would anyone know where I my purchase blank cd-r`s that are compatable with this obsolete player of which, by the way, had recieved great reviews.the manual points out specifically that cd-r`s&cd-rw`s for "digital audio" are to be used.so, I figure that cd-r`s for recording on pc`s would be incompatable for this recorder because of the faster recording drives being used now.let me also point out, the manual is vague as to what speeds it will record i.e.-normal speed and fast speed.
I still see tham at best Buy,and you can buy them online as well. I have that same Denon and use the TDK or Sony and get great results. If you want higher quality Music Direct sells a MFSL blank but it is not cheap.
I've used these guys before:

Get the ones that say for "music" or audio. Don't get the ones that say for computer or data,they won't work.The lowest speed usually works best.2X speed might get by.The Sony and TDK are my choice also.
Yes, you need the ones that say for music or audio, not computer/data.

I've bought them recently at Best Buy. I suspect Target, Walmart and any specialty record/music stores still around have them. Ive used Memorex and Maxell most recently with my Denon recorder.
Clever opening line to your post! LOL.

A minor point first: I believe that should be CDR-W1500, not DCR-W1500.

I'm not 100% certain, but I believe the reason the unit won't work with cd-r's that are not designated as being for audio is NOT due to any speed issues. I believe the reason is that built into the cost of the audio-designated cd-r's is a royalty provision intended to compensate the recording industry for the monetary losses which they presume each copy results in. And to enforce that provision, cd recorders (as opposed to computers) are designed to work only with disks that indicate to the recorder that they have that designation.

My suspicion is therefore that current disks that may have higher speed ratings than those which existed when the machine was designed will work fine, as long as they are designated as being for music/audio.

-- Al
I have been using the Mitsui MAM-A, the quality and sound is as good as it gets, about $1.20 per
Great results and terrific sound quality= MA Mitsui Silver Thermal 100 count spindle CD-R80 50 Around .50Ea.
Two good web sources for digital blank media:

american-digital, and SuperMediaStore

American Digital is a good source for MAM-A media, and SuperMediaStore has Taiyo-Yuden and others at very good prices. Just remember to get "Music" CD-Rs.
I should have made myself clear about the speed issue.I have
blanks that say for up 32X speed.I believe they are supposed
work on your Denon,which will go up to 2X speed.Coping vinyl
to CD will naturally have to be 1X.But coping a CD to CD seems
to work best at 1X copy speed.2X CD to CD seems to get by,but
may skip on some CD players playback.The 32X,48X,blanks are supposed
to work.I have a (video) Panasonic DVD recorder that takes any
speed blank like its supposed to,but my Samsung will only take
4X blanks.If I try 8X-16X disc,it won't work.Samsung goofed up buiding it.The main thing is using the for "MUSIC" disc's for CD music recorders.