Where to find Black Gate 1000uf 25V caps?

Michael Percy is out of them,and I need 2 for an amp project.any idea where to find them?Googling is not much help.Thanks.
Try these folks.>>[http://www.percyaudio.com/Catalog.pdf]
http://audiotuning.de/ still have 100uf / 50V ones. As long as they are not too big, they should fit.
Sorry,that site I sent was to late to stop it when I realized it was the same you tried.
Thanks for the replies so far.Hifitime,the folks that you suggested are the folks who told me that their supply is finished.
http://www.thlaudio.com/indexE.htm lists them as in stock
Parts Connexion Has Black Gate FKs listed in 1000uF/50V, which would be an excellent option. They also have 1000uF/25V in the "standard" Black Gate. (http://www.partsconnexion.com/t/catalog/CapacitorsElectrolytic.html) Click on, "Black Gate", at the bottom of the page.
Appreciated.Have written to the 2 possible sources.
Try here.

Reylon - Were you successful in your search?

which black gates do you need 25v 1000uf- standart or N series?
I emailed th audio mentioned above and they wanted $40.00USD ea for a BG NX 25v 1000uF. They usually go for 12.00-15.00.

I have tried all the sources mentioned above but to no avail. I am looking for 20 BG NX 25v 1000uF caps.
nx 25v 1000uf never was 15usd/psc to end-users as i remember. I could help in yours project but surely with neither 15 or 25usd/psc sum would be option to me. BTW change only critical places- not whole caps you found. hope this helps. good luck in yours project.
Michael Percy sold the NX 1000uF, 25V caps for $12.50, but- they are long gone. Like anything else that is highly desirable, and no longer in production; expect to pay a premium, if you can find them.