Where to donate electronics in good working order

I am interested in donating electronics in great working order. Does anyone have any suggestions? 

Nad T763 Surround Receiver
NAD T572 CD/DVD Player
Creston MC2W PROCESSOR AND remote


Goodwill or a local college with an electronics class

but... nad is good enough to sell
Salvation Army

good advice as above. Any thrift store is a nice choice as well.
the 763 is notoriously failure prone. It is the low voltage caps in the regulated low voltage rails, which is generally the culprit. It’s the thing known as ’the capacitor plague’. Many companies were bit by it, to the tune of billions of dollars of A/V gear tossed due to bad caps.

Habitat for Humanity.  The staff there generally has someone who will recognize 'the good stuff' and price accordingly.
I ran into a pair of Infinity floor speakers in mint condition going for what I thought was quite reasonable and would give H4H a 'bump' in the donations' take.  I didn't bite, but was tempted...*G*