Where to buy vinyl in London?

I'll be traveling to London for the first time ever next month and have a couple of days to spend. Do you have any recommendations for vinyl shops in London? Given the location, English pop rock and new wave 60's - 80's would be great. Modern European indie, jazz and dance music, or just a good overall vinyl store...

I've searched this site and all of the posts were many years old.
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Pick up a copy of the Record Collector magazine . It is published in the UK and has a very extensive listing of record shops. Barnes & Noble is where I buy my copy.

Rough Trade

Sister Ray
Berwick St, formerly the most famous in the land for music shops, very close to Oxford Circus : Reckless/Revival Records and Sister Records (mentioned earlier?) are the only survivors.
Although I'm not local, I was there scanning the shelves only a few weeks ago.... :)

Also visited a place called "Rat Records" in Camberwell (on the Southern side of the Thames 1 mile from the Oval Tube station)
Hope this helps....
Thanks, folks. I'm staying in Shoreditch, and looking forward to a little vinyl hunting. Will also check out Ronnie Scott's when I'm there.