Where to buy vinyl?

OK, now I've got a Thorens TD 160 with SME Series III arm and Ortofon SME 30H cartridge. I've played the one new record I've got, Coltrane's Ballads, and I must admit it sounds great. So where do I buy vinyl? I prefer jazz, baroque and classical music, especially small groups. I'd especially like to try a few 45 rpm recordings.

Three good mail order sources for new vinyl are:
Elusive Disc
Acoustic Sounds
Music Direct
I just bought 7 LPs from J&R World and Amazon has both new and used vinyl now. These two are both less expensive than those listed by Rushton (although the selections are MUCH greater through the above three places). Hopefully more competition will bring all the prices down a bit. Good luck.
I enjoyed going to Amoeba Music in LA. I still like the "touch and feel" aspect of going into a record store. Great jazz and classical section with huge selection of new and used vinyl.

Otherwise the usual online suspects should work well for you.
There are 2 more for you.
it looks like I posted that one twice
That is the other one
If you're not particularly price sensitive, the Fantasy Jazz series from Acoustic Sounds, the Blue Note reissue series from Acoustic Sounds, and the Blue Note reissue series from Music Matters are all by and large stunning, both in music content and sound. They are all $50 each, and are all 45rpm, 2-album issues.

great service and selection!
craigslist.com is another source that you might want to check out from time to time.
I've had great success buying new Blue Note re-issues from www.dustygroove.com. They have a really nice selection .
Believe it or not Ebay is the very best.

I have had 95% of my transactions turning out to be positive. Buy only from mega positive feeback sellers with a return policy. Read their negitive feedbacks and see how they respond.

Hard to find LP's and first pressings with read outs in the dead wax are common, unlike the 'Gon.

Most record shops have been picked to death.
My latest on on line buys were from: http://www.audiophileusa.com/
Fair selection, Good prices and fast shipment.
A friend received a number of LP's damaged in shipping from amazon, not so from other sellers because of better packaging.
If you want excellent used vinyl, check out some antique malls. I've purchased many that look and play like new for as low as a dollar each. Picked up 90 classical lp's, mostly older Deutsche Grammophon, that look like they have never been played for $25. Just today I was at an antique mall on the north side of Lansing that had 2 dealers with many classical recordings that looked new, for a couple bucks each. (Mega Mall) Sometimes they can be found still sealed, but not often. I'm looking for lp's, not antiques. I don't listen to classical, but at these prices, I'll surely start.
I don't know where you live but your probably surrounded. Take a road trip with a GPS and you will be surprised how many music stores have boatloads of new and used records. Especially if you live near colleges.
A couple of places for used vinyl that I have used.


gemm.com and of course ebay.com. Gemm is one of the better sources as you can look up vinyl being sold from all over the world. Of course, be ready to pay. Original vinyl is often worth a pretty penny!
One could go to http://www.mutantmusic.com to pick up the release of "Thunderbolt Pagoda". Great packaging great vinyl and really impressive sonics too ;) I got mine a couple of days ago and am really enjoying it.
I bought my first LP's from Amazon - they came in perfect condition, but were definitely not packaged as well as Acoustic Sounds packages their shipments.

Anybody buy from Tower's website? They have even better prices than Amazon, but condition on arrival is more important than saving a couple bucks.
you did not state where you are roughly located, so its tough to offer retail options.

On line try DCCblowout dot com.

If you are on the east coast, be sure to swing by Princeton Record exchange, you'll spend 3 hrs there at a min.

If on the west coast, Record Surplus in Los Angeles has quite a large selection.

My Southern California likes:
Record Surplus (excellent classical section and two turntables on hand for listening - excellent classical advice and pricing)
Atomic Records (excellent for jazz records and advice for same - excellent to reasonable prices)
Amoeba (excellent prices and selection - enthusiastic young people but not a lot of depth in knowledge outside of what the youngsters are listening to)
Record Collector (the best collector's knowledge and depth of stock on hand at the highest price)

My northern California likes:
Ameoba (not as friendly or helpful as socal, but good pricing and stock on hand)
Grooveyard in Oakland (excellent jazz knowledge and good pricing - depth of stock varies)

I've found Ebay and Amazon to have better stock on hand so to speak at much better pricing - but you have to do your own research - and be prepared for some returns. In other words, less convenience and more work for lower prices. I've found that all sellers tend to overrate the quality of their used records, so its good to know their return policy. I've not found any sellers that regularly underrate the quality of their used lps.

That is my two cents. Jeff