Where to buy SACD`s ?


Just bought new hybrid cd player, therefore my question is: what are good internet stores to buy high quality/definition , if I may use the terms, SACD`s?

Thank you.  




Google is your friend. A title search should lead you to best available price across the variety of online stores. I buy my SACD’s from following stores,

Elusive Disc

Acoustic Sounds


eBay (do your diligence and check seller’s feedback and history)

Before you spend real money on discs:

have you determined your player and system produce easily perceivable 'better' results from the SACD layer of a few hybrids?

I refined my Phono system over the past few years, essentially no CD's. 

I own many Hybrid SACD's, more than I remembered, the only difference I previously found was a lower noise floor, actually un-naturally quiet on some content.

Then, last year I began my search for a better CD player, and a better SACD player.

2 oppos, 2 onkyos, 1 klh, 1 denon, 1 yamaha, 2 sony's, FINALLY found two CD players that sounded 'preferred',

Onkyo CDC-3.4 mark II for CD's

Yamaha DVD-C961 for SACD's and CDs.

SACD's are DSD. CD's are PCM


Most SACD players, including the Yamaha above, convert SACD's (DSD format) to PCM (CD 44.1 redbook) internally and send that to your system. Many players do not send DSD out all their digital outpots to external units. Thus your system is receiving PCM 44.1

I wish I knew that when I began, but it led me to my wonderful used Sony xa5400ES which does not convert DSd to PCM, and it upscales all CD's 8X. It sounds amazing, easily 'BETTER, not just SACD's, ALL your CD's sound better!

I can't stop listening to this CD player, system's warming up now.


my quest here (end to beginning order).

the winner



My main go-to is "Discogs" though the price of SACDs is becoming increasingly eye-watering.

Another online store to check out is "CDJapan".

I find that Japanese pressed SACDs (and Japanese SHM CDs and SACDs) are of superior quality.

FYI I have a Hegel CD player and a Marantz KI-Ruby SACD player. Earlier in my audio journey, I found that the Marantz SACD player was unmistakably superior to my Hegel CD player. However, after connecting my Hegel CD player to a Hugo TT 2 DAC and the M-Scaler AND upgrading my cabling,  my Hegel CD player sounds quite a bit better (more body, better bass, increased separation) than my SACD player. It has calmed my hunt for SACDs down substantially.



Screwed up my first response post. My apologies.

Please forget about SACDs. Means nada.

What counts when looking for top SQ is in the recording/engineering

of the music. Some are-YES- better than others. Formats do not mean squat.

The only format I have heard when the better SQ is undeniably better-


Now neither the SACD or XRCD are around much these days

so " Forget about it" 

Buy the best transport in your budget and learn how to find good