Where to buy SACD's ?

I have a nice SACD player on the way, so it is time to stock up. Is there a website known for good prices? Are there some recording studios that are known to do better SACD than others? Is there anything else I need to know? Thanks!
Baffled- Try amazon.com or half.com I've picked up a bunch new and used. You can usually pick up quality titles for 9-12 bucks+ shipping. Everything I've bought has been either factory sealed or in pristine condition. I had one come slightly damaged-when I contacted amazon and the seller(it was used)they told me to keep it and deleted the charges. I highly recommend both sites.

BTW- My favorites: Steely Dan-Gaucho, Dire Straits-Brothers in Arms, All of the Elton John titles, Pink Floyd-DSOTM.
Look around at
for selections and user comments and referrals as to where to buy.

Many used ones here in classifieds also.
If you have a Borders Music nearby you can sign up for their e-mail specials and get 20/25/30% off coupons. The amount depends on how desparate they are! The coupons come out every couple of weeks and are good Friday thru Sunday. You can only get one item with the coupon and only one coupon per day. A little restrictive but over time you can do all right. I've gotten a lot of the Living Stereo and Living Presence SACD's that way.
What kind of sacd player?
eBay is a good place to buy SACD's too.
I do no thinking in buy sacd yet, but http://store.acousticsounds.com, is a good one.
I've got to go along with the Amazon suggestion. One trick I learned, which isn't really a trick, is to just put the word 'hybrid' or 'sacd' by itself in the title search field when in the music store. That brings up a list of the couple of hundred that they offer. My other recent discovery, which was staring me in the face all along, is to click the Used icon when a title is listed. I have gotten very slightly used or even brand-new titles for as much as 70% off list. I have a friend or swears by CDnow.com, but I haven'tchecked them out in a long time.
I use tower records a lot as there prices are usually the lowest and the selection is very good; free shipping for orders over$20,00. Deep discount cd is good too but very limited selection.

Music Direct (www.amusicdirect.com) is a Chicago based retailer/mail order shop that sells both hardware and software. They have an excellent color catalog (free) and are great to deal with. I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of equipment and music from them, and their SACD library is outstanding.

Additionally, you might check out Acoustic Sounds in Salina, KS. They are also a mail order seller and actually record some original stuff on their own label (mostly for vinyl release, but they have a significant digital catalog as well).
Also check out yourmusic.com. They have a few sacd's at $5.99.

Also at Frys stores.
Can you share with us,which SACD player are you getting?
Jond and Yioryos.....the player is a Musical Fidelity Trivista. I am hoping it will sound better than the Denon 3910 I am currently using.
Thanks for all of the suggestions. Some of these sources would have never occurred to me. I am glad I asked.