Where to buy Rotel products?

Why is it so hard to find a local Houston area Rotel dealer? I've been searching online also and every authorized dealer is over seas. Nothing in the U.S. There's nothing on EBay either but older used equipment. Nothing new from their current product line. I'm looking to purchase a RCD 1572 cdp and a RT 1570 tuner and digital gateway to match my RA 1570 integrated. Anyone know of a dealer in Houston, besides Best Buy since they are consistently over priced from MSRP, or an online dealer that's located in the continental U.S.?
Audio Video Logic carries Rotel. If you don’t have a local dealer they will work with you.
I have a black, nearly new RCD 1572 for sale if you are interested. I had an rcd 990 for 20 years. I have moved to a simple transport and external DAC. This, an rc 1590 and rb 1590 just sit in boxes. Send me a pm. 
Oh, Rotel prohibits on line sales.