Where to buy reversed polarity AC cords?

Anybody know where I can purchase reverse polarity AC cords that are not very expensive (say less than $100) so I do not have to fool around internally resoldering the IEC connector? Thanks for the help in advance.
You can probably have Kevin (DIYcable.com) make them for you like that. His assembled Assylum cord is $80.

If you are just looking for a way to test whether the reverse polarity will reduce chassis AC potential, you can accomplish this with a pigtail or ground cheater. You can buy one or the other from any hardware store for a buck or so.If you have already determined that you need to reverse AC polarity to reduce chassis potential, you are better off switching the wires in the cord that you have if you are satisfied with the sound after using a cheater. You can make the switch at either connector. If you buy a new cord, you are changing more than one parameter and the results are unpredictable. Changing the AC polarity will not change the signal polarity.Charlie Savoie
Flip the wires at the recptacle. WALA reverse polarity
dzetye, out of curiosity, why do you wish to do this ? Sean
dzetye emailed me and was interested in trying to check equipment / ac polarity. I forwarded him to a thread titled "noise, hum and AC polarity" as that tells how to do it without spending more than $5. That is, so long as you already have a multimeter : ) Sean
Sean, your good!!!!
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