Where to Buy Primaluna Phono Board

Hi Guys,

I have a Primaluna Dialogue 3. My local distributor is unable or unwilling to source me the optional Phono Board accessory. Any idea where I could source one? I should mention I'm located in Australia so need a store which is willing to ship overseas.


Check out Upscale Audio.

tsalk to kevin deal at upscale audio in la
Thanks for the lead will check it out
I am so sorry for the delay in the phono boards. Anyone who knows the PrimaLuna bigwig Herman van den Dungen, and the exacting standards of the Dutch people, know that things have to be perfect or they won't make it. There is a part used in production that Herman likes sonically that is on backorder, and until it is available, he won't make them. They are made in Holland to exacting standards.

There will also be a new upgrade board going into production. It will be MM/MC and I have seen the final production sample. Fabulous. No price yet.

But that doesn't make up for delays. And I can't say I'm sorry enough.
So, any idea on projected date of availability?